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Trampoline Safety Code





 Treat the trampoline with respect at all times. Never use any of the equipment unless told to do so by a qualified coach.
 Never use a trampoline unless you have spotters. If spotting do not leave the trampoline when it is in use.
 New skills, somersaults, double bouncing; kipping etc should only be performed with the permission and in the presence of a qualified coach.
 Jumping from one trampoline to another or from the trampoline to the floor is dangerous and should never be attempted.
 Appropriate sports clothing should be worn.  Socks or trampoline shoes must be worn at all times on the trampoline. . 




 Please note that clothing with hoods or toggles are not allowed as they can become entangled in the trampoline bed and lead to serious injuries.
 Long hair should be tied back and fingernails kept short. 
 All jewellery, watches and body piercings must be removed.
 Never travel under or swing from a trampoline.
 Never step on to the trampoline when someone else is bouncing.